Lincang Raw Pu'er Tea
This tea is sourced from Lincang, the place of origin of Yunnan’s large-leaf tea which is referred to as the precious green pearl plateau.It is the highest production site, and the largest storehouse for Pu’er Tea. The tea shoots that grow in this region are especially thick and large. The tea has a strong and robust character, filled with vibrant masculine energy. It gives a sweet sensation to the tongue and a full-bodied palate. Overall, the tea delivers a concentrated and stimulating mouthfeel, as well as a lastingly sweet and mouth-watering experience.
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Lincang in Yunnan, China.
Yunnan large-leaf.
Full-bodied aroma with lasting mouthfeel.
Strong and robust,full of masculine energy.
Tea liquor
Wang De Chuan red logo label.
Tea preparation
Steeping time
Tea ware water Temperature Amount of Tea leaves 1st brew 2nd brew 3rd brew 4th brew 5th brew
(Current year)De Chuan Lidded Teacup 90c.c 95℃ 5g 25sec 20sec 30sec sec sec
(Current year)DeChuan Yixing Teapot 150c.c 95℃ 10g 35sec 35sec 35sec sec sec
(Stored over five year)DeChuan Lidded Teacup 90c.c 95℃ 5g 30sec 25sec 30sec sec sec
(Stored over five year)Yixing Teapot 150c.c 95℃ 10g 35sec 35sec 35sec sec sec