Precision Craftsmanship.
Reverence for Nature’s Bounties

We commit ourselves to a century-old tradition of quality.We ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, showing respect for land and local communities. We provide our customers with tea that is perfectly sanitary.

Wang De Chuan's tea products and packaging are qualtity assured, traced all the way back to the source of every tea product's ingredients. From our Oolong tea, scented tea, black tea, green tea, to our Pu'er tea, ingretdients are sampled and sent to SGS for testing, insuring that our products have been cleared of 398 types of pesticide residue.

Any tea roasting or packaging takes place only after everything has been thoroughly checked. Every type of tea packaging material is also checked by SGS to insure their requirements are met.

Product tracebility search
  • 1.Log into the Wang De Chuan Official Website/Product tracebility webpage,type in the product serial number
  • 2.Scan the QR code on the back of the product
Product tracebility search