Jinxuan Tieguanyin Oolong Tea
Having inheritted century-old craftsmanship, Wang De Chuan uses a range of tea variants to bring out diverse features of Tieguanyin Tea, such as Jinxuan Tieguanyin Tea, which is produced from Jinxuan variety. The thin leaves are fragile and easily burned, so the production processes require the patience and excellent artistry of the tea masters. The tea is brimming with ripe-fruit aroma and a touch of light fruit character. It offers a sweet and smooth rounded finish, and a rich yet light temperament.
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Source of origin
Muzha District, Taipei City, Taiwan.
Jinxuan Oolong (TTES no. 12).
Ripe fruit aroma with light fruity note.
Sweet, smooth taste.
Loose Leaf Dried Tea
Ball shape.
Hue of the tea
Unfurled Tea Leaves
Deep green.
Tea preparation
Steeping time
Tea ware water Temperature Amount of Tea leaves 1st brew 2nd brew 3rd brew 4th brew 5th brew
De Chuan Lidded Teacup 90c.c 95℃ 5g 75sec 50sec 50sec sec sec
De Chuan Yixing Teapot 150c.c 95℃ 10g 70sec 60sec 60sec sec sec