Raw Pu'er Tea
This tea is exclusively made from the authentic raw material of Yunnan large-leaf trees from the greater Xishuangbanna tea production district. The large strip-shaped tea leaves are thick and strong. The maturing process involves pile-fermentation method that accelerates the oxidation process. The liquor color is burnt crimson. The vibrant aroma carries whiffs of longan fruity nose. It is robust to the palate, has a full-bodied finish, accentuated by a unique aged scent.
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Source of origin
Yunnan, China.
Yunnan large leaf.
Robust with a hint of longan fruity scent.
Robust, full-bodied.
Tea liquor
Burnt crimson.
Tea preparation
Steeping time
Tea ware water Temperature Amount of Tea leaves 1st brew 2nd brew 3rd brew 4th brew 5th brew
De Chuan Lidded Teacup 90c.c 95℃ 5g 40sec 30sec 30sec sec sec
De Chuan Yixing Teapot 150c.c 95℃ 10g 35sec 35sec 35sec sec sec