Siji Oolong Tea
Taiwan's Sijichun Oolong Tea receives its name because the sprouts can be harvested all year long. Crafted with light oxidation and roasting methods, this robust tea exhibits its high-vitality characters through its refreshing fragrance of exciting floral essence accompanied by a clean aromatic finish.
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Source of origin
Mingjian Village, Nantou County, Taiwan.
Fresh floral aromas.
Clean with sweet finish.
Loose Leaf Dried Tea
Tight semi-ball shape
Hue of the tea
Unfurled Tea Leaves
Green with red edge.
Tea preparation
Steeping time
Tea ware water Temperature Amount of Tea leaves 1st brew 2nd brew 3rd brew 4th brew 5th brew
De Chuan Lidded Teacup 90c.c 95℃ 5g 65sec 45sec 60sec sec sec
De Chuan Yixing Teapot 150c.c 95℃ 10g 70sec 60sec 60sec sec sec